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Affordable Criminal
Defense Attorney

Is there anyone that will FIGHT for me and that’s Affordable?

Not everyone charged with a crime can afford the criminal defense attorney they deserve. At the Law Office of Henry K. Nguyen, P.C., we understand the economy is tough right now and people in Houston are suffering from it. Many people do not have a lot of money saved up or are hit with the exorbitant amount of fees and expenses related to being charged with a criminal case, such as: posting bonds or getting devices installed like the SCRAM or Interlock devices and hiring an attorney. Everyone facing criminal charges would like a good attorney, the question is whether or not they can find a criminal defense lawyer they can afford.

Our criminal defense firm offers affordable rates and we will try and do everything we can to work with you. Our fees are reasonable and we offer customizable payment plans to fit most budgets. Typically on payment plans, we require half down and payments every two weeks or every month. We can usually give you a couple of months to take care of the balance. We take all major credit cars as well.

We can also accept collateral as a down payment on occasion. Our office is dedicated to providing affordable criminal defense for our clients. Not just an affordable criminal defense lawyer, but one that knows how to handle cases and get results. Our office provides a criminal defense attorney that cares about you and one that will fight for you, with the results to back it up. Get the criminal defense attorney you deserve, contact our office today for a FREE consultation.