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About Henry K. Nguyen, P.C.

Henry K. Nguyen was born in Houston, Texas, but his family soon moved to Lewisville, Texas, due to his parents losing their jobs at Texas Instruments. He was five at the time, and he had spent the rest of his childhood in North Dallas, attending Lewisville High School and graduating in 1999.

From an early age, Nguyen knew that he wanted to become a criminal defense attorney, and this dream started when he was defending himself after receiving a traffic violation. He set the case for trial, and on the day of the trial, the officer took the stand and made up facts, and twisted the truth to help his case. He never knew that an officer could do something unethical, but this ignited a spark in Nguyen to help those who might find themselves in similar or worse positions.

After seeing him later railroaded by the system, he developed a passion to defend those who have been charged with crimes.

Once he has experienced what it was like to have your entire life dangling before you, Nguyen has devoted his life and career so that those charged with crimes, guilty or not, may have the chance to get their lives back on track. This is something he has been doing for years on end.

He attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated in 2003. He then enrolled at the South Texas College of Law where he graduated in 2006 while also being in the top 20% of his entire class. While in Law School, he focused his coursework on criminal law and he received the “Highest Grade Award” in Texas Criminal Procedure.

Currently, Nguyen lives in Spring, Texas, and he runs his office in the Heights and Conroe, Texas.

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  • ZFounding Member of DUIDLA
  • ZGuest Speaker of DUIDLA Fall Seminar San Diego 2019
  • ZMember of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • ZMember of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association
  • ZMember of the American Bar Association
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