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South Texas College of Law
Houston, Texas
Doctorate of Jurisprudence

University of Texas
Austin, Texas
Bachelor Arts



Phi Delta Phi
Honors Fraternity

Graduated in top 20%
South Texas College of Law

Certified Mediator

Texas Criminal Procedure
“Highest Grade Award”

Dean’s List

Attorney Henry K. Nguyen was born in Houston, Texas.  His family moved to Lewisville, TX when he was five because both his parents had lost their jobs at Texas Instruments.  He spent the rest of his childhood in North Dallas, attending Lewisville High School and graduating in 1999.  

From an early age, he knew he wanted to become a criminal defense attorney. It started when he was defending himself after receiving a traffic violation. He set the case for trial.  On trial day, the officer took the stand and made up facts, twisting the truth to help his case.  He never thought it was possible that an officer, a position he was raised to respect and trust, would do something so unethical just to make a petty traffic violation.  He imagined whether this could happen or was happening in cases where the stakes were much higher. Later in high school, he had a friend that made a bad decision.  After seeing him later railroaded by the system, he developed a passion for defending those who have been charged with crimes.

He has experienced first-hand what is at stake and what it is like to have your entire life dangling before you. He has also seen what can happen to you, and the rest of your life, if you have a bad attorney. Mr. Nguyen has devoted his entire life to making sure people charged with crimes, guilty or not, have a chance of getting their lives back on track.  

From the time Henry K. Nguyen knew that he wanted to practice law, he worked very diligently to make that dream become a reality. He attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated in 2003. That next semester, he enrolled at South Texas College of Law.  He graduated in 2006, in the top 20% of his entire class. During law school, he focused his coursework on criminal law and received the “Highest Grade Award” in Texas Criminal Procedure.

In addition to his coursework, Henry K. Nguyen worked for attorney Dan B. Gerson throughout law school. Mr. Gerson was a Board Certified criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of experience.  He was a mentor to Henry and taught him not only the art of defending clients, but Dan instilled the passion of fighting for the underdog.  Sadly, Mr. Gerson passed away in 2016, but his legacy continues on with the many attorneys he mentored and lives he touched.  

During law school, Mr. Nguyen also worked as an intern at the Fort Bend District Attorney’s office. During his experience, he has developed a vast network and a wealth of knowledge that he, in turn, uses to benefit his clients.

Mr. Nguyen met his wife while living in Houston attending law school.  They have been married since 2007 and have two wonderful children.  Mr. Nguyen lives in Spring, TX and has an office in the Heights, near downtown Houston, and in Conroe, TX.

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