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Possession Of Marijuana Edibles

Possession of Marijuana Edibles and Marijuana Oil Extracts Attorney

The legalization of Marijuana in other states and the use of Marijuana in medicinal settings, has made developments in the ways Marijuana is used. In addition to the typical smoking of Marijuana, many persons are now using vaporizers and finding ways to ingesting Marijuana. While many vaporizers and edibles can still use typical Marijuana, many are used with Marijuana Oils and Marijuana Wax. These oils can also be used to cook and bake foods, making it easier for persons to consume who have difficulty with smoke and inhaling and creating much more potent edibles. It also allows for more open consumption in public without the typical smells and smoke produced with the standard joints and blunts. It also eliminates the need for paraphernalia such as rolling papers, pipes, bongs, and baggies of marijuana.

With this benefit, there also carries a greater risk if you are caught with edibles. In the State of Texas, police officers and prosecutors are regularly using the aggregate weight of the edibles in charging persons with Possession of Marijuana. This allows for a much more disproportionate punishment range for someone who is arrested with edibles versus that same person with the marijuana used prior to making edibles.

Possession of Marijuana Hash and Concentrates

Marijuana Hash and Concentrates are also punished much more seriously than the typical marijuana ranges. Possession of these are considered Felonies in the State of Texas.

If you are being charged with Possession of Marijuana Edibles, Possession of Marijuana Concentrates, Possession of Marijuana Hash, or Possession of Marijuana Oils / Wax, contact our office immediately and set up a free consultation.