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Terroristic Threat

Houston Terroristic Threat Attorney – Henry K. Nguyen

When many people think of the offense of Terroristic Threat, Terrorism and terrorists often come to mind. However, there are thousands of people charged with this Terroristic Threat every year and you do not have to be a terrorist. Anytime you make a threat, placing someone in imminent fear of serious bodily injury, you may be charged with Terroristic threat. If you are charged with this offense, you must hire a Terroristic Threat Attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Terroristic Threats

In order to be meet the criteria for a terroristic threat offense, someone must threaten to commit any offense involving violence to another person or property with the intention of doing one of the following:

  • Placing any person or persons in fear of imminent serious bodily injury
  • Creating a reaction by volunteer or emergency agencies, such as police, fire department or the Red Cross, that causes them to take action
  • Disrupting or preventing the use of a facility to which members of the public have access, whether it is a place of employment, public common area or transportation of public or private nature
  • Disrupting or damaging the communications, transportation, water, gas or power supplies used by the community
  • Create a sense of fear for safety in either a specific group of individuals or the general population
  • Manipulate any branch of government at the federal, state or local level

Consequences of Terroristic Threats

Punishment for any type of terroristic threat is typically a Class B Misdemeanor, carrying up to 180 days in County Jail and up to a $2,000 fine. If the threat is against a family member, a member of your household, or a public servant, the charge is a Class A Misdemeanor, carrying a punishment range of up to 1 year in County Jail and up to a $4,000 fine. In certain circumstances, the charge can be a State Jail Felony or Third Degree Felony, which carries much more serious punishments.

In the cases where a family member or member of a household are involved, there may be a affirmative finding of family violence. This will lead to the permanant loss of the right to ever possess a firearm to defend yourself or your family, even if you are placed on Deferred Adjudication and not ever convicted.

Defending Against Terroristic Threats Charges

In defending Terroristic Threat cases, typically the threat must place a person in fear of “imminent serious bodily injury”. It cannot be just bodily injury or a future threat. The person must feel the threat can be carried out then and there. Additionally, there are many defenses that can be raised, such as self-defense, defense of third parties, and defense of property. These cases sometimes rely on witnesses and surveillance video. Our investigators will work quickly to preserve these pieces of evidence and talk to witnesses as quickly as possible.

Speak to a Houston Terroristic Threats Lawyer

Criminal attorney Henry K. Nguyen has many years of experience in defending Houstonians who have been accused of crimes in Houston, TX. He knows that terroristic threat accusations are serious and he will do everything in his power to preserve your innocence. For a free consultation with a hardworking and dependable lawyer, call the Law Office of Henry K. Nguyen, P.C. at 713-222-1800.